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Fajas Wholesale Segmented and Adjustable Waist Trainer Provides Stomach Compression

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Fabric: 35% latex + 65% polyester


1. It can shape the waistline, improve the hunchback, and correct posture for daily wearing at home or in the office.
2. It can increase the exercise intensity, accelerate the fat burning of the waist and abdomen, provide a better waist sculpting effect and protect the waist when wearing it during outdoor running, physical exercise, and in the gym.
3. It works perfectly with party wearing. It will provide you with a slim waist and create the most perfect state.
4. It can promote waist and hypogastrium curves, tighten flabby skin, prevent visceral ptosis, contract the uterus, and improve the recovery of internal function for postpartum repairment.
(Generally, it can be worn 40 days after eutocia section, and about 6 months after cesarean section, depending on the recovery of the doctor's advice.)


size waist centre_front centre_back
S 58-64
30 26
M 64-70
30 26
L 70-76
30 26
XL 76-82
32 29
XXL 82-88
32 29
3XL 88-94
32 29


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