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Fajas Wholesale Neoprene Double Belt Body Shaper Thigh Shaper

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It Features:

1. Powerful sticker provides stronger adhesion;
2. High waist can flatter your tummy and waist;
3. Neoprene embossed design makes you sweat more and non-slip;
4. Curved design can better fit the hip curve, making your movement more freely.

Size M XL 3XL 
Waist Belt 38.5"*8.6"/98cm*22cm 45.2"*26.5"/115cm*24cm 53.1"*16.5"/135cm*24cm
Thigh Belt 32.2"*7.9“/82cm*20cm 40.1"*8.6"/102cm*22cm 48"*8.6"/122cm*22cm
Outer Seam 3.5"*3.5"/9cm*9cm 3.5"*3.5"/9cm*9cm 3.5"*3.5"/9cm*9cm
Suitable Waist Circumference 27.5"-35.4"/70cm-90cm 35.8"-41.7"/91cm-106cm 42.1"-51.2"/107cm-130cm
Suitable Leg Circumference 17.7"-29.5"/45cm-75cm 29.9"-40.1"/76cm-102cm 40.6"-49.2"/103cm-125cm

Customized LOGO Serivce was provided and here are the details: 

  • Printed Logo: 100% Customized and NO MOQ.
  • Paper Tags / Handtags: 100% Customized, MOQ=200 pcs.
  • Washing Label: 100% Customized, MOQ=500 pcs.
  • Advertising Paper: 100% Customized, MOQ depends on the specific order.
  • Paper Packaging: 100% Customized, MOQ=500 pieces.