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Fajas Wholesale Neoprene Waist Trainer Vest Adjustable Belts Medium Control

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1. Breathable mesh and removable cups inside, for a push-up, high impact effect;
2. 100% neoprene lining has good thermogenic results to make you sweat, shed water weight;
3. The large-area velcro fasteners on the belly part and two waist belts allow you to adjust the compression and tightness to meet your needs;
4. Wide shoulder straps and racerback design relieve stress on your shoulders and back.

Size Bust Waist 
S 33.5"-37"/83cm-94cm 28.5"-32"/72cm-81cm
M 37"-39.5"/94cm-100cm 32"-34.5"/81cm-87cm
L 39.5"-42"/100cm-106cm 34.5"-37"/87cm-94cm
XL 42"-44.5"/106cm-113cm 37"-39.5"/94cm-100cm
XXL 44.5"-47"/113cm-119cm 39.5"-42"/100cm-106cm
3XL 47"-50"/119cm-127cm 42"-45"/106cm-114cm

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